Allen Walker is the Prince of My Heart.
Hello there! My name (well...username) is Phantom Oma-san. You can call me "Phan" if you want. I LOVE anime and manga.  Other things I love are drawing, playing video games (mainly RPGs) the internet (which wastes the majority of my time on a daily basis...) playing my flute and playing the piano. I am also a Christian and am not afraid to say it. Even if you don't agree with my beliefs, or I don't agree with yours, I will still respect that. And I hope you'll respect me too! Anyway, enjoy...I guess. 

So I just watched the last episode of Bakuman (Season 3 episode 25) And Seeing these two couples finally together brought great happiness to my little fangirl heart…TT//v//TT But, now that I’ve finished the anime, I still have to go back and read the tankobon volumes I bought for Bakuman. I can’t believe I still haven’t read A LOT of them yet. I have volumes 1 through 17 but I’m still on 2! So I’m gonna get movin’! XD I know it’ll be worth it, because Bakuman already has a place in my heart as one of my all time favorites. ^ v ^