Allen Walker is the Prince of My Heart.
Hello there! My name (well...username) is Phantom Oma-san. You can call me "Phan" if you want. I LOVE anime and manga.  Other things I love are drawing, playing video games (mainly RPGs) the internet (which wastes the majority of my time on a daily basis...) playing my flute and playing the piano. I am also a Christian and am not afraid to say it. Even if you don't agree with my beliefs, or I don't agree with yours, I will still respect that. And I hope you'll respect me too! Anyway, enjoy...I guess. 

Okay…YES. I am married to Chrom. This may seem like nothing much, but you don’t understand how much pain I felt for Cordelia in this rare and coincidental meeting of these two in the barracks.

Where do I start? So basically I felt like Chrom was asking: “Gee, Cordelia! You sure do seem motivated to do such a darn great job! is it just me, or does it almost seem as if you’re trying to get a certain someone to NOTICE YOU.

And Cordelia’s response for me was this: “Oh, does it really seem that way? I guess you could say so…I mean, I’ve always dreamed of at least impressing the man I love or maybe even getting him to ACTUALLY NOTICE ME. But TOO BAD THAT’LL NEVER HAPPEN HUH?” 

I know I go on and on about how possessive of Chrom I can be, but I’m just gonna say this: If I HAD to let him marry someone else besides my avatar and if it were POSSIBLE…It’d be Cordelia. ‘Cuz REALLY? This girl loves him so freaking much that I’ve seen numerous people saying that if she marries someone else, “He’s only a replacement for Chrom!” I kinda disagree with that, but unfortunately sometimes even I feel this way. (However, I still enjoy her support conversations though.) 

Anyway, I just wanted to vent this out…that’s all.